Upcoming Events

The University of Bologna will be presenting and represnting CuPiD at the following upcoming events:

Name of Conference/place: ESMAC 2013, Glasgow, UK
Date: Sep 4- Sep 7 2013
Title of work: Step length estimation usingshoe-mounted inertial sensors: application in clinical settings

Name of Conference/place: UBICOMP  2013, Zurich, Switzerland
Date: Sep 10- Sep 12 2013
Title of work: Wearable audio-feedback system for gait rehabilitation in subjects with Parkinson’s disease

Name of Conference/place: SIAMOC 2013, Pisa, Italia
Date: Sep 26- Sep 28 2013
Title of work: Wearable system for auditory feedback based on real-time gait analysis: Application on patients with Parkinson's disease