Cupid Second Periodic Report

The CuPiD Project has had its second periodic report published.

The CuPiD project partners are developing an ICT-enabled solution for motor learning in patients with PD in their home setting, tailoring the solution to target mobility, cognitive function and debilitating PD symptoms such as freezing of gait and gait impairments.

The Core activity of our 3rd year will be the extended validation. The trials will include 6 weeks of continuous patient-specific training and follow-up evaluation of 40 patients.

The study’s aim is not only to validate the prototypes but to show evidence of rehabilitative efficacy, towards a possible clinical validation, foreseen in a potential development of the CuPiD project.

To find out more about CuPiD’s progress in these three applications you can read the summary of the report on our publications page.