King's Fund Annual International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare

OCC represented Cupid for the Third International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare at the King’s Fund, London on 1-3 July 2013.

Andrew Muddiman presented the Cupid project at the day 2 Rapid fire poster session. Andrew was accompanied by Tim Palmer, who both spent the day answering questions and networking at the Cupid poster.

Cupid discussed with O2 Health and Philips the possibility of using their respective telemedicine platforms to host services as well as how they realise their routes to market.

Tim Palmer and Richard Chin

Tim explaining CuPiD to Richard Chin from SoCal, USA at the project poster.

There was interest and discussions around the acceptance of telemedicine into the wider community, the best funding model to employ and how telemedicine based services will be purchased by the public in the general market. The final panel session even questioned whether the terminology used (telemedicine, telehealth and telecare) was a barrier and came to the conclusion that next year’s conference will have a different title.