Indian Institue of Science Seminar

On 29th January, Laura Rocchi (University of Bologna) presented the CuPiD project to Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore. The IISc and the Robert Bosch Foundation joined together in 2011 to create a centre for research in Cyber Physical Systems. Laura presented the CuPiD project to a combined audience of engineers, PhD students, physicians and neurologists.

Laura proposed that new neuroscience and clinical approaches are showing evidence that by using the plasticity that is still present in the brain, it is possible to enhance motor learning in PD patients.

Laura demonstrated the portable device developed by CuPiD which includes MEMS sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes), real-time data processing and real-time feedback restitution to patients. The device aims to show that a patient’s quality of life can be increased by administering closed-loop rehabilitative exercises in an automatic and reliable manner.

For more information, please see attached seminar description.

Laura Rocchi

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