Frankfurt Parkinson's disease Support Group Workshop

Dietmar Wessel held a workshop for the Frankfurt Parkinson's disease Support Group on behalf of CuPiD consortium member, Oxford Computer Consultants, on 19th January 2013. At the workshop, there was a presentation on the CuPiD project to about 20 people with Parkinson's disease. Three people in the audience had had PD for about 15 years and had shuffling gait but showed no real festinating signs.

As well as listening to a talk about CuPiD, the audience also watched video clips about INDIGO (walking aid glasses). The three people with shuffling gait tried the glasses and an immediate improvement in their walking was noticable.

Everyone attending the workshop expressed their continued support for CuPiD and also an interest in participating in future trials of devices for the CuPiD project.